Services Offered at Brookwood Veterinary Clinic


At Brookwood Veterinary Clinic in Raleigh, NC, we understand the importance of comprehensive care for your beloved pets. We provide a wide range of services to ensure that your pets receive the best possible care throughout their lives. Whether your cat or dog needs a wellness checkup, vaccinations, or surgery, our team is happy to help. Continue reading to learn about some of our services!


Wellness Checkups

Regular wellness checkups are essential for your pet's health and detecting any potential issues early on. During these examinations, our veterinarian assesses your pet's vital signs, examine its overall condition, and discuss any concerns you may have. Through proactive screenings and thorough evaluations, we help identify health issues before they escalate and ensure a higher quality of life for your furry companion.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering are important procedures that not only help control pet overpopulation but also offer numerous benefits for your cat or dog. At Brookwood Veterinary Clinic, we perform these surgeries with the utmost care and precision. Spaying female pets can prevent uterine infections and reduce the risk of mammary tumors, while neutering male pets can help prevent testicular cancer and improve their behavior.

Heartworm and Flea Prevention

Preventing heartworm disease and flea infestations is crucial for safeguarding your pet's health. Heartworm disease can be fatal if left untreated, which is why we offer effective prevention methods to keep your pet safe. Similarly, flea prevention is crucial not only for your pet's comfort but also for preventing the spread of diseases and infestations in your home.

Dental Care

Just like humans, pets require regular dental care. Untreated dental issues can lead to pain, infection, and even systemic health problems. Our vet provides thorough teeth cleaning procedures to remove plaque and tartar buildup, which can prevent periodontal disease and promote fresh breath.


Vaccinations are a crucial aspect of preventive care for pets. They protect against various contagious and potentially life-threatening diseases. At Brookwood Veterinary Clinic, we offer a comprehensive vaccination program tailored to your pet’s specific needs and lifestyle. We will work closely with you to develop a vaccination schedule that ensures your furry friend receives the necessary protection.

General Surgery

In some cases, pets may require surgical intervention to address health issues or injuries. Whether it's a dental extraction or spaying and neutering, our team will provide expert care every step of the way. We also utilize modern surgical techniques and monitoring equipment to ensure the best possible outcomes for your pet. Additionally, we offer on-site bloodwork and X-rays to help with the diagnosis and treatment of various health conditions.

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